Our History

PO PO Restaurant
has an extraordinary history that began in 1929. Our structure was built as a dance hall by Edwin Nelson. Hamburgers and soda were sold at only 5 cents apiece. Outside, bootleggers even peddled moonshine for a quarter per shot, and you could get an entire gallon for just $3.00!
In 1932,
PO PO was sold to a rancher with a large export operation of cattle, mules, and more to Latin America. It was then that this rancher, Ned Houston, a descendant of Sam Houston, named the building “PO-PO Café,” after the Mexican volcano Popocatepetl. PO PO was sold again in 1934, and endured more name changes and owners until 1950, where it first became a family restaurant. Luther and Marie Burgon operated PO PO and continued to develop it as one of the finest restaurants in Boerne, TX.
Luther and Marie were avid travelers, and began collecting plates. These plates adorn all of our walls to this day, and our collection is 2500 and counting. Although PO PO was sold again in 1983 and finally again in 2004, it is still a full-service family restaurant. We can accommodate up to 200 people for private parties.
Owner Sam Bournias and the rest of our staff look forward to serving you!
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